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These are hand drawn artworks of the two things I love most , Travel and Food. Mediums used are Watercolor, Gouache and some are digitally drawn on Procreate.  All the prints and postcards and stickers are fulfilled by INPRNT which is loved globally by artists

Urban Sketching, Sketch Walks and Watercolor Workshops

Travel Sketching Workshop @ Copper + Cloves

A Beginners guide to Travel Sketching

If you love to travel, trek and have
wanderlust, come along and join in, for this fun and unique Travel Sketching
Workshop. Here you will learn how to sketch all those amazing places you visit,
be it a temple in Bali or a lovely waterfall in Vietnam, be it a café in Europe
or even a museum. This is a Kickstarter workshop for newbies who are starting
their sketching journey. Bring your travel buddy and join in!!

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