About Me

I love drawing and sketching on location and have been an active part of the Urban Sketching Community for over nine years. Living close to nature and observing nature gives me peace and calm. I am obsessed with natural history illustrations and love exploring new cultures and drawing in different environments. My Sketchbook is my constant companion that I carry everywhere, and it serves both as a visual diary and as a basis for my work in Book Illustrations and other illustration projects I engage in. I have been exploring the many facets of sketching and illustrations since I fell in love with illustrations at a young age.

I have a degree in fine arts from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, where I majored in Art History which has given me a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of art as a whole. I believe we live in a constant state of flux and art is both an expression of ourselves and a mirror to the world we live in. I love to travel, to explore and understand the world around me, I have thirst for finding new cultures, colors, themes and drawing them.

I have worked in many areas of art from writing copy, to being a photographer for several years before transitioning into design and then into illustration. I have curated shows and handled artists for several years which gives me the base understanding of conceptualization and articulation, which I bring to my courses and workshops.

I was born in Bangalore and lived there for many years before moving to Goa, where I work on my illustration and design projects and take Urban Sketching Workshops.