How I got into Urban Sketching

Urban sketching has now become a very important part of my life.

In 2013 I came across Urban Sketching. This changed my life. Once I found that sketching could be done just for itself,  with different art materials and just for the joy of it, it completely changed my perspective on drawing. 

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Urban Sketching Materials

30 November 2023

Since I started my Urban Sketching Journey back in 2012 I have tried a lot of art materials. I started out using a dot pen on an affordable sketch book with some basic watercolors.  This is not a bad way to start the journey of Urban Sketching as the most important thing to do is to sketch.

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Drawing is an extension of the self

Drawing is one of the most primal forms of art, which has sustained over centuries and still thrives in this fast paced era.

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Art & illustration

What is an Illustration – And How it differs from Art

Illustration is a visual representation of a text or an idea. An illustration can be in any form, from a drawing to a collage, a photograph or technical drawing. Illustration differs from Art in the same way design differs from art.

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